Congrats, Lindsay! 7-13-14

Today we posted and announced our 1 year anniversary give away winner, Lindsay Shake!  Lindsay proudly represents Purucker Farms in Chicago!  She will receive new coozies, a Purucker Farms t-shirt, and a dozen eggs hand delivered!  Thanks for all of the contest participants and great tweets on twitter!

Here at the farm, we have had one of our girls go broody.  Foghorn has been in the laying box for roughly two weeks.  With several failed attempts to cool her body temperature down, she still is trying to hatch an egg.  We will continue to try new methods to break her broodiness.  Besides that, all the other girls are happy and healthy.

More updates to come!

Welcome Patrick 3-17-14

Today we welcomed our newest member to the flock, Patrick a leghorn-cochin mixed rooster.  This is a first for Purucker Farms; we are very excited to have this opportunity and will be updating the webpage with more stories as they occur.  Patrick was named because of the date of his entrance to the flock, St. Patrick's Day.  We hope that he will calm the rather rowdy hens and encourage more unity among the girls.  As of now, he is only a temporary member of Purucker Farms, but we will see how he interacts with the other birds.

In case you were wondering, we do not currently have plans to raise chicks, and the rooster will not affect these plans.  Eggs can still be eaten after fertilization with no change in taste, nutritional value, or appearance.  It is only when a hen turns broody and incubates her fertilized eggs that a chick embryo is formed.

More updates to come!


Winter Update 2-23-14

We are happy to report that so far so good this winter for our happy hens!  We are hoping that the new growth from the frostbite on the combs is a sign that spring will be here soon!

As you noticed we have 9 happy healthy hens:

-Betty still rules the roost.
-Daisy is always nearby in case Betty allows her to take control.
-Houdini remains fat and happy!
-Foghorn has retained her girl'ish figure over the winter and still has her pretty white feathers and long legs.
-Firetruck is happy that the original girls have fully accepted her into the flock and she no longer is the new girl in the coop!
-Holly and Ivy are the new Plymouth Barred Rocks who joined us in late January.  They stay close together at all times.  They are still waiting the day that they are welcome at the food bowl at the same time as the others.
-Falderal is our white Maran.  She was a Christmas gift from a dear friend who just recently passed away. Roberta wanted us to have a fancy chicken who laid speckled eggs and that is our Falderal - which means foolish nonsense!
-Our other Maran is a blue Maran who has yet to be named...  As the newest girl in the flock, she too is awaiting acceptance from the first five meanies.  Good thing she can hold her own!

Hopefully warmer temps and more daylight will mean more eggs!  Will post the picture of first day all 9 lay. What a colorful basket that will be!

40% Growth!1-30-14

Today we aquired 2 new hens, which is an increase of 40% here at Purucker Farms!  The two girls have not yet to been named but they are two beautiful barred rocks.  Be sure to check us out on Twitter @PuruckerFarms

Fighting the cold 1-6-14

In order to stay warm, we farmers tend to stay indoors; however, our hens do not have this luxury.  This past week, in addition to adding an extra layer of pine shavings, we installed a small panel heater inside their newly expanded coop.  We have also supplemented their feed with extra cracked corn for increased heat production.  After their first day in temperatures reaching -15 degrees, the hens have never been happier!